Studio 12

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Studio 12
Studio 12

Anna Gouin Painting

Anna Gouin was born in 1989 in Edmonton, Alberta and is presently finishing her BA in Art History. In the summer of 2009 she attended summer sessions at Parsons New School of Art and Design in New York City. Anna has recently settled in Vancouver, where she is working to launch her career as a visual artist. Anna’s work is displayed at the Hollyburn  Country Club in West Vancouver, this is the first public showing of her work.

Anna’s work, primarily figurative, focuses on the expression of the human body, with an emphasis on the strength and composure of the female form. Working in a multitude of  media, her deeply emotive figures endeavor to inspire a deeper connection to the human experience on an individual level.

Anna’s Website

Contact Anna: Via Email or by phone at 778.996.6754

Anna Gouin
Anna Gouin drawing 
Anna Gouin: Essence – Solo Art Exhibit – June 6, 2013 
Anna Gouin: Essence – Solo Art Exhibit – June 6, 2013 

Case Lewis Jewelry

Larchbark Designs

I’m a silversmith originally from Edmonton, Alberta. My work mostly consists of hand-fabricated jewelry formed from silver, accented with copper, brass and gold. As a geologist I occasionally find extraordinary natural crystal formations while in the field, which I try to incorporate into my designs as focal points.

I do custom work in addition to my collection of unique pieces.

Case Lewis
Case Lewis 2

Rita M. – Mossy Twig Jewelry

Jewelry adventures in metal, stone, glass, silk, feathers, shells, plastic, glitter…

Mossy Twig loves combining colour and texture to create beautiful, interesting things. Her latest obsession is costume jewelry, and she’s loving the freedom to throw anything pretty and sparkly into the design.

As a child, Mossy Twig mourned at the thought that one day she would have to leave childhood behind and stop playing with her toys. Years later as an adult, she realized that the toys never went away, they merely changed form into tools, metal, stone, glass, and other jewelry making supplies.

The Beaumont Studios is her hideaway where she can hide from her domineering kitty overlords, Pumpkin and Lilac, and simply play.

Mossy Twig Jewelry on Etsy