Studio 1

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Studio 1

Bianca Kempe, Social Architect

Bianca KempeI run a boutique investment shop called Private Market Solutions, brokering investments between sophisticated investors and companies that offer TAI (Tangible Asset Investing) opportunities. I host monthly events (Last Tuesday of every month) to educate investors and those curious folk about what opportunities are on the market.

My passion project is a community-based initiative called Dōze. The Dōze Vancouver Team developed as a result of like-minded individuals coming together with a shared passion to help make the World a better place.

We are a crowd sourced t-shirt design company with the purpose of engaging people in our local communities to raise awareness and involvement in local charities and places of need. Keep tuned for more information!

Private Market Solutions Website

Doze City Website

We are the stewards of our planet. I believe that by working together on Purpose we can create positive change.