Workshop Bookings


We would love to answer your questions about our space and offer you a quote. Since each event has unique requirements, it’s very hard for us to quote flat rates. We think of each event as LIVING and BREATHING and thus deserves special consideration.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below, it will help us come up with a clearer picture of your needs and will allow us to respond with a more accurate quote. The Beaumont is unique in it’s flexibility and we will work with you to customize our space to fit your needs.

We have 3 spaces at the Beaumont, they can be used together or individually:

1. Stage area (best for events up to 125 max)
2. Gallery area (best for events up to 60 max)
3. Workshop studio (best for 10 people)

Don’t feel intimidated if you can’t answer all the questions, just answer what can, at least we can establish if your dates & times work, we can go from there.

  • Please check our calendar for space availability for your desired date

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  • Please consider this information when giving us a number. The Beaumont is a living & breathing arts organization, you must become a member before you are able to book any event or production with us. Therefore we have no fixed rate of rental amount only set minimums that ensure we cover our costs. Pricing reflects each specific request coming to our door. We hand select projects and events based on integrity, design, characters involved, number of guests among other things, specifically, HOW WILL OUR SPACE BE AFFECTED BY YOUR SHOW OR PRODUCTION? We recognize that every request is unique and needs personal attention. Our goal is to see every production that comes to life and be a success no matter what the budget but we need a starting number. The Beaumont Studios is a “Not For Profit” member based artist co-operative. and in order to provide space for 'adventures in art’ or any other type of event, we need to account for licenses, staffing needs, cleaning, insurance, administration etc. All of these things cost money & take man power to achieve. Consider this information when stating our venue rental budget, because we do. Please fill in an amount, it's not set in stone and there are no guarantees but it makes our job giving you a quote much easier. Thanks!
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  • The Beaumont has a basic liability insurance package on site, please consider providing your own additional insurance for events & have the Beaumont named as additional insurees’
  • We ask for a 50% deposit to secure your date, the remainder paid the morning of the day of the event. We have an rules & regulations agreement we agree to together that will reflect these details & any further that Beaumont and yourself agree to.
  • We hope that our space works out for your function, that would make us happy, we hope you also get the warm fuzzies about doing your event with us.