March 7, 2012

Looking For ART In All the Right Places – May 10


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Are you looking for art in all the wrong places? Do you have a room, wall or mantel screaming for a piece of art but have no idea where to look or what to buy. Is your home filled with generic reprints from Ikea and Moe’s?

This 1 hour presentation will provide you with interesting and useful information about the Why, Where and Who From of buying original art. Whether your fine art purchase is emotional or purely a financial investment here are some things you should consider when choosing artwork for your home or office.

This coarse covers art of every price range and gives information about buying local and international art.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Deb Chaney is a contemporary abstract artist who has been painting and selling her work for 10 years. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, as well as an author, workshop facilitator, and

Cost: $20 Preregistration is suggested

contact: for registration details

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