January 26, 2012

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“Paper this” by Arnie Gutmann. Click to view

Zeigfield Girls – paintings by Susheela Kundargi
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by resident artist, NOEL PLANET

JUNE / JULY 2010
a project set up to fight to save our oceans
Featuring the artwork of Vicky Bowes
Proceeds from sales to SEA SHEPPARD
A series of underwater paintings accompanied by an ocean-inspired soundtrack, with films projected over the course of the day. 1/3 of proceeds raised will be donated to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Steve Dynie: “Alive Eastside”

V6A. Canada’s poorest postal code: The Downtown Eastside.  This collection is part of a large series of photographs I have produced over the past 2 years and represents my seemingly neverending documentation of life in East Vancouver.

Walking through the back alleys of this City is like being transported to a dark nightmare: one in which people shoot drugs and struggle to stand up.  One in which vegetation grows from the cracks in the sides of old brick buildings. In these surroundings, vibrant colours and textures are produced and provide me with my subject matter.  I am always drawn to what most people interpret as ‘ugly’ or ‘decrepit’– I see this as a great opportunity for a vibrant photograph.

About Steve Dynie

I was born in the metropolis of Brockville ONT, and landed in Vancouver many years ago via Ottawa.

I am now a Vancouver resident, living on Vancouver’s Eastside and I have become obsessed with street scenes and heritage architecture photography. I have no formal photography training: trail-and-error-and-more-error has been my education.

Visit Steve’s Website

FEB-MAR 2010
RIKA: Oceanscapes of the Pacific Northwest

This collection focuses on the Coast of the Pacific Northwest and features highly stylized Oceanscapes that are boldly brushed & ornately detailed. Rika uses dark, broad sweeping lines to express the ocean’s power and movement, which are contrasted by the bright gold leaf that adorns the surfaces. He relies on the natural tendencies of watercolors to create the moody stormy skies most often seen in these West Coast seas.

To complete and compliment these pieces, Rika has collaborated with furniture designer and frame worker Tyler J. Harris of Happy Valley Wood. Tyler has hand crafted one-of-a-kind cedar wood frames from local B.C claimed cedar driftwood.

All mediums and material are organic and respectful of the environment.


About Rick Heywood (Rika)

RIKA is a local artist focused on the ocean surrounding the land he most loves; the Pacific Northwest Coast. His highly stylized and bold ink work, finds influence in the first nations styles of both Canada and New Zealand. He uses broad sweeping lines to express the oceans power and movement. Highly detailed curves and gold leaf adorn the surfaces, and he relies on the natural tendencies of watercolors to create the moody stormy skies most often seen in these seas.

His locations are beaches and breaks found mainly on Vancouver Island and favored by surfers for their waves as well as places of special importance to his own self.